Efficiency + Accuracy = Speed

Brain-based training that helps you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from improving your shooting skills

To be efficient – less is more. You must eliminate all unnecessary (and unwanted) movements. Training the part of the brain that has the responsibility of stopping all unwanted movement can help you become a more efficient competitor.


Accurate visual information, along with postural stability and coordinated movement, is necessary to maximize shooting accuracy. We use assessments to identify weak functions that can be trained to improve accuracy. .


Poor quality of sensory inputs results in a decrease in speed. Improving the quality of the inputs the brain receives can dramatically increase speed and athleticism, resulting in faster shots on target and quicker transitions.


We begin by giving you a neurological assessment to determine a personal starting point. Using the data collected, we create a performance based training program – tailored to your neurology and your goals – to create functional improvements as part of a long-term training plan.

We Are Neuro Performance Specialists

We TRAIN your BRAIN to achieve an elite and sustainable level of performance.
Elite performance comes from optimizing inputs, decisions, or outputs

  • 3 Primary Nervous System Actions:

  • #1 - Receives Input

    80% of all input comes from vision. The rest comes from the vestibular system and the proprioceptive sensors found in joints, muscles, soft tissue, skin and organs.

  • #2 - Makes a Decision

    The brain makes a decision based upon the inputs.

  • #3 - Provides an Output

    Elite performance and “unfair advantage” are the result of all systems running optimally. Elite performance comes from within.

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Our Coaches

Experts in Neurology Based Shooting Performance Training
Troy Dodson, FDN
Troy Dodson, FDN
Founder & Head Neuro Performance Specialist
Troy has over 10 years experience as a Neuro Performance Specialist. Studying under the leading neurology experts in the world, he applies the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, sports vision training & functional neurology. He performs individual assessments for clients and develops customized programs aimed at the enhancement of visual performance, reaction time & movement in the areas of sport, tactical, and recreation shooting.

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